Initially we started with water wells projects. We realized that other factors such as health, hygiene, education, nutrition, agriculture, clean environment also contribute to healthy, fulfilled life. New needs and initiatives soon emerged. We have a close working relationship with villagers and village chiefs and are mindful of asking them what they see as the priorities we should address together. We are tackling many issues and making small and large strides towards improving "our" villages.

Our initial scope of project was limited to Ampil Commune. We have now expanded our work to Angkor Thom Commune, this brings our outreach to about 30,000 people.

WASH: Comprises Water Wells, Sanitation, Hygiene.

Currently we have built over 1300 wells, refurbished another 200, built over 400 latrines, and conducted regular hygiene workshops in all the villages.


Our education work enriches children's lives with English, Libraries, Computer Centers, Preschools and Scholarship programs in High School and University. The programs are based in 4 Government schools in Ampil Commune and 8 Government Schools in Angkor Thom Commune.


Providing daily breakfast to 1100 kids, regular health check ups and sports classes ensures proper nutrition and healthy development. We conduct lectures such as Puberty Classes and Anti-trafficking workshops to ensure the safety of the children.

We offer weekly workshops in village community centers on topics of importance and interest to the communities.


In order to improve the economic situation of the community, we have established 3 social entrepreneurial projects. These are growing initiatives to make the villagers self sustainable and break the cycle of poverty.
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Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc. is a non-profit organization, charity or EIN# 32-0274553
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