Initially we started with water wells projects. We realized that other factors such as health, hygiene, education, nutrition, agriculture, clean environment also contribute to healthy, fulfilled life. New needs and initiatives soon emerged. We have a close working relationship with villagers and village chiefs and are mindful of asking them what they see as the priorities we should address together. We are tackling many issues and making small and large strides towards improving "our" villages.

Past Projects

We organized two successful Dental Missions in partnership with One-to-One Charitable Trust that treated over 1100 children for the first time. We also organized Student Nursing and Health Missions to assess children's general health and growth and provide hygiene and oral health education.

In the past we have supported Little Angels Orphanage with monthly food and fuel stipend as well as generator and dining room, mosquito nets etc. The conditions at the orphanage have since improved significantly and new supporters have stepped up, so our involvement at this time consists of regular friendly visits with occasional fruit distribution.

Until 2013 we have worked with Phum Steung Elementary school, providing English teacher, library books, building volleyball courts, and playground. The capable principal of the school has secured additional sponsorships so we are taking our support to new schools that have none.

Current Projects

Our main ongoing projects are Water Wells, most of which come from new or recurrent individual donors. Our initial scope of project was limited to Ampil Commune. Due to the generosity of our donors we have quite successfully fulfilled the clean water needs of this community and are expanding our water well projects other villages. The Education project on different involvement levels is ongoing at 4 village schools: Kokchan, Kiriminoen and TaPang Primary and Secondary Schools. We have started two preschools at Kiriminoen and TaPang for 3-4 year olds. This allows their older siblings to go to school instead of staying home to look after the younger children.

Village Projects have two components: Clean Village Initiative and Agriculture & Latrines.

We are starting our Latrine project as 85% of the rural population has no access to any kind of toilet facilities. That is not only unseemly and unsanitary, it causes a huge problem with fecal matter leeching into the water supply and E coli rampant. $250 provides a concrete underground septic tank with traditional Asian ceramic bowl and natural materials outhouse structure provides a vital step in reducing EColi in the local water supply.

Social Entrepreneurship

  1. Village Gardens
  2. Piglet Farming
  3. Soap Selling & Hygiene
CCDO USA is affiliated with CCDO UK and we both fulfill the dreams of the Cambodian Community in Siem Reap.
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Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc. is a non-profit organization, charity or EIN# 32-0274553
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