Photo Gallery

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    Old Man with Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID7Mid.jpg

    Panha Testing Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID87Mid.JPG

    Enjoying new Water Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID20Mid.jpg

    Building Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID19Mid.jpg

    Couso Gans Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID44Mid.jpg

    Alex's Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID103Mid.jpg

    Kids at Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID6Mid.JPG

    Digging Water Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID47Mid.jpg

    Hospital Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID10Mid.jpg

    Well after one year
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID23Mid.JPG

    Proudly Pumping Water
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID45Mid.JPG

    Hudson Lehrnetz Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID102Mid.jpg

    Davids Well
  • /gallery/galleryimages/gtID1imgID22Mid.JPG

    Anita Jaffe Well

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