The basic need of every child is to be able to attend school in a safe environment.

The Cambodian rural schools, in the middle of open fields with dirt roads, no electricity or toilets are not an ideal learning environment. There is no other equipment but blackboard and chalk in the classrooms. Often there are not enough desks and benches for children to sit. The education is free and universal, yet each child is obliged to wear a uniform and school supplies to be able to attend. Education is a prized possession. Many children walk 3 km (about 2 miles) in each direction on an empty stomach. The children are tiny in stature and often look three years younger than they are. The school classrooms are crowded with three children to a desk and 50 children to a class.

Cambodian Community Dream is currently working in three village schools in Ampil Commune supplying school books and stationery as well as uniforms and bicycles to the neediest of children. We provide full time English teachers, computer instructors, librarians and sports coaches. We have built libraries, kitchens, toilet blocks, playgrounds, sports fields, vegetable gardens, water wells, and Hand Washing Stations. We regularly bring in experienced teacher volunteers to infuse new ideas and provide teacher training.

We provide a comprehensive puberty curriculum in the secondary school which includes human trafficking awareness and prevention workshops. With the support of iHerb we were able to construct a new school building comprised of two English classrooms, a computer lab and a cultural center.

We are now training English teachers in 100 Government schools in Angkor Thom, Puok and Bantey Srei Communes.

We have graduated over 1,000 teachers in two Provincial Training Colleges.

We have 29 preschools under our guidance and provide them with equipment and healthy snacks.

We also provide additional supplementary programs.

Annual School Fee
Cost $150: per Child - Includes Tuition, School Uniforms and Books