Family compounds are on the right path to better living conditions and health by using safe drinking water from a water well, that is additionally filtered through a ceramic filter. Yet the lack of latrines and the practice of open defecation in the villages negatively impact the water quality with unhealthy levels of E Coli. We have built 800 Latrines since January 2014.

Our initial survey showed that only 230 out of 831 families have latrines, which means 67% of people had nowhere to go to the bathroom but the bushes in back of their houses.

A latrine costs $360 and includes all parts needed for a functional toilet. We are using 3 high quality underground concrete rings atop each other, a ceramic Asian style bowl, and an outhouse structure made of brick and cement with a zinc roof and doorway. The program includes educational hygiene workshops and provision for repairs.

In true partnership, each family makes a financial commitment of $25 in order to have ownership of the latrine and to take good care of it.

Latrine / Toilet
Cost $360: A concrete underground septic tank with traditional Asian ceramic bowl and natural materials outhouse structure provides a vital step in reducing EColi in the local water supply.