CCDO Scholarship Students 2019

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The One Year Cost is $400 and provides books, clothes, rice for family and monthly tuition fee for Grades 10-12.

Phal Sonath

14 years old with 2 brothers and a sister. Her parents are construction workers. She has a dream to be a teacher and help other children. Her favorite pastime is reading and doing housework.

Phal has been sponsored.

Morn Vanna

14 years old with two brothers and two sisters. She wants to be a teacher and realizes that she needs to study hard to improve her life beyond the construction worker and housekeeper of her parents. She loves reading in the library.

Vanna has been sponsored.

Hun Kimhorn

He is 14 years old with four siblings. The library is his special treasure to learn and create artwork. Becoming a teacher to help others is his dream.

Hun has been sponsored.

Sea Pisey

She is 16 years old with two brothers and a sister. She has to help feed the animals at home after school as her father is a farmer. Becoming a teacher is her passion to help others.

Sea has been sponsored.

Ra Ratha

Ratha is 15 years old with one brother. Her mom died and father remarried, so she lives with her grandmother. She helps her brother study and wants a good job like a teacher, to help her poor family.

Ra has been sponsored.

Chek Doung

Doung is 16 years old and lives with his 4 siblings and parents. He has 3 brothers and a sister. He loves playing football, reading in the library and has a wicked sense of humor and a great hair cut. He wants to be a Khmer teacher to help other children.

Chek has been sponsored.

Yan Seha

Seha is 14 years old His mom died and he lives with his dad and two brothers. He is determined to become a teacher of math and history. He loves sport and is very outgoing.

Yan has been sponsored.

Ear Sreynit

Sreynit is 15 years old with a sweet smile. Her best subjects are English and Math. She wants to teach children and have a better future. She wants to develop her city.

Ear has been sponsored.

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