CCDO Scholarship Students 2018

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The One Year Cost is $400 and provides books, clothes, rice for family and monthly tuition fee for Grades 10-12.

Khleurm Soeurm

19 year old from a family of 10 siblings and step siblings. My father died and my mother has a new husband. I love reading books in the library and improving my English. I would like to be an English Teacher. This goal would provide me with a good job so I could help my family.

Khleurm has been sponsored.

Khin Sreynit

16 years old from Bankaung Village. The four of us, my brother and two sisters and myself live with my aunt as my mother died and my father is a farmer working far away. I would like to become a doctor to help the poor Cambodians villagers.

Sreynit has been sponsored.

Peang Yat

15 years old from Thnol Bak Village. I live with my parents and 3 siblings. I love to read books and I always complete my homework. My goal is to become a doctor to help cure sick people.

Peang has been sponsored.

Ty Saviet

17 years old living in Kirimeanun with my 2 siblings. Both my parents work hard, but do not earn very much. My favorite subjects are Khmer and English. I would like to become a teacher to educate the children.

Ty has been sponsored.

Huot Saem

16 Years old from Kirimeanun Village with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I study hard and love to play football. I read in the library. I would like to be a doctor to help my village people

Huot has been sponsored.

Phlang Kho

18 years old from Kirimeanun. I only have my my father, who is a soldier. My mother died. I have one brother and 4 sisters. I want to be a teacher to help educate the village children.

Phlang has been sponsored.

Poa Pharum

14 years old from TaPang Village. My father is a farmer and my mother is a teacher. I am inspired by my mother to become a great teacher like her. It is a very important job to educate the children.

Poa has been sponsored.

Soeurn Veha

18 Years old, living with my 3 siblings. My father died and my mother sometimes works and always drinks. I enjoy being part of CCDO and have been a school monitor. I want to be a tour guide as I like meeting new people and telling about the history of my country.

Soeurn has been sponsored.

Oeurn Chantra

14 years old. I have 3 sisters and my mother makes sure that we study hard to be successful. My 2 older sisters are now studying at the University thanks to CCDO. I would like to be an English teacher to make sure that all children can be educated and have a better future.

Oeurn has been sponsored.

Liv Chana

14 years old from Bankoung Village. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I love to study and usually am top of my class. My dream is to be a teacher to help other children.

Liv has been sponsored.

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